Saturday, November 14, 2009


We are researchers and manufacturers of herbal and natural products. Our main focus is the equine market with a special focus on the dressage end user. I post regularly on the New Zealand Horse Talk page and it has been suggested that I start a 'blog page' on natural remedies and to publish some of our previous articles as well as new ones.
I would welcome any requests for topics that I could write on ie: creating a pasture that will help combat the effects of mycotoxins in horses, what can be given to improve and soften the horse's topline, news on swabbable herbs etc.


  1. How fantastic! Look forward to reading your unbiased, informative aticles. This blog was long overdue!

  2. Thanks for that. The next one will be discussing some of the with holding times on some of the 'banned, substances like the Class B contaminants like Valerian, Devil's Claw and St John's Wort. I will copy the distribution email I sent out to our direct client base.